Our wildest dream

The story

Villilä rests in Kangasniemi, in the province of Souhtern Savo of Finland, in the small village of Kutemajärvi which is one of the oldest villages in the area. Hidden in midst of lakes and forests, this place represents the Finnish rural landscape at its best. With long roots in this village, the premises of Villilä Luonto Oy have been the home grounds of Heli’s family since the 1700 century. As such, the Siitari estate is a part of the Finish countryman’s history.


Villilä Luonto – diverse expert services

 The idea of Villilä luonto roots back to a dream of two people who desired to move back to Heli’s family home grounds. The thought was processed for a few years before it was to come true. Villilä Luonto Oy has been established in February 2020 with both owners working on the estate. Today, Villilä offers its guests professional dog training services and specialized consultation for commercial and public organizations, as well as various recreational services for both business and leisure time visitors. With this diverse palette of expert services, Villilä aims to serve its every guest with a unique customer experience and a feeling of comfort and care.

Our mission

Our goal is to offer every customer an opportunity to explore something new in their occupational or leisure time activities. Our way to operate is based on sustainable thinking and long-term decisions. With wide own experience, we can ensure an overall insight into all of our operational fields. Guided by this expertise, we promise to take our customers into a new level in their activities.

Hand in hand with the environment

 For us man is part of nature, and the environmental values and biodiversity are the most important guidelines for all of our operations. We grow and harvest our forests sustainably based on mixed vegetation with continuous cover. We are committed to organic farming and to protection of the cultural landscape around us. Our grasslands are grazed by goat and sheep. We also dream of raising chicken and farming bees one day. Our devotion to biodiversity and the work we have already done in preserving the surrounding environment is seen in the richness and diversity of species, as well as in the singing and chirping of the birds everywhere around us.


You are heartily welcome to Villilä

Your hosts Timo and Heli and the Juuso son



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